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Perceptions of Translanguaging among the Students and Teachers of EMI Classrooms in Poland


  • Piotr Romanowski Universidad de Varsovia


The central objective of this paper is to examine and understand the perceptions of translanguaging among the students and teachers of Polish EMI classrooms. The paper begins with a brief introduction to the topics of foreign language teaching and bilingual provision in Poland to familiarize the readers with language education in Poland. The issues of translanguaging and English Medium Instruction are defined on the succeeding pages, with a comparison of the latter term to Content and Language Integrated Learning. The empirical study is outlined then. Two cohorts of respondents: students and teachers from three different schools were observed and interrogated with the use of surveys and questionnaires about their perceptions of translanguaging in the EMI classrooms. In addition, several statements concerning their attitudes towards the model of translanguaging have been delineated in the last part of the article to validate the quantitative results of the study.

Palabras clave:

Translanguaging, EMI, Attitudes, Perceptions, Language education