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Students’ perceptions of oral corrective feedback given by teachers in communicative approach english courses from an efl pedagogy program at a private university


  • Andrés Gutiérrez Universidad Central de Chile
  • Catalina Arancibia Universidad Central de Chile
  • Camila Bustos Universidad Central de Chile
  • Felipe Mora Universidad Central de Chile
  • Ximena Santibáñez Universidad Central de Chile
  • Martín Flores Universidad Central de Chile


The main aim of this research was to define and identify the students’ perception of oral corrective feedback given by teachers in Communicative Approach English courses from an EFL teaching program at a private university from Santiago, Chile. This research was developed according to a mixed design with qualitative approach in order to achieve an accurate selection of the data and scope of the problem. The data collection required the implementation of two instruments, a questionnaire and a focus group. The questionnaire was applied to 68 diurnal students from second year to fourth year. Meanwhile, the focus group was applied to nine diurnal students from second year to fourth year. The results that were obtained in relation to the topics and the corresponding theoretical analysis clearly demonstrate positive perceptions regarding the feedback received from teachers during English language courses, thus, benefitting their learning process and improving language skills.

Palabras clave:

corrective feedback, perception of feedback, use of feedback, preferences of feedback, effectiveness of feedback