Conditional sentences in Krio grammar

  • Deisy Campos-Galdames Universidad de Atacama
  • Javiera Adaros-Santander Universidad de Chile
  • Nicolás Díaz-Barrera Universidad de Atacama


The increasing interest in creole languages has heightened the need for grammar descriptions of them. Sierra Leone Krio, an English-derived creole, is not an exception. However, the research regarding this language has tended to focus on the semantic area rather than on syntax; there is little grammar description available on Krio, and with respect to conditionals, no work has been done. The aim of this paper is to analyze the actual interrelation of the components in Krio conditional sentences as well as to determine the importance of Tense, Aspect and Mood (TAM) markers in these syntactic constructions. The results of the research described here show that conditionals in Krio are made up of two constituents and that markers do account for tense. These results may contribute to the emerging development of Krio grammar use.
Palabras clave Creole, English Krio, Conditional sentences in Krio, Créole, Inglés Krio, Estructuras condicionales en crio
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Campos-Galdames, D., Adaros-Santander, J., & Díaz-Barrera, N. (2021). Conditional sentences in Krio grammar. Lenguas Modernas, (56), pp. 127-147. Consultado de